Cambridge Window Replacement is the premiere window repair and installation company serving the community of Cambridge, MA and the Greater Boston Area. We have been in the business of windows long enough to see many other fly-by-night companies turn over. We are committed to serve our customers, and rely on the many referrals we receive each month. Our work is in high demand, and we treat all our customers like family. No job is too big, or too small.

Cambridge Window Replacement can help you transform your home or business into your dream. Natural light makes every space seem bigger and adds to the value of your property. We offer the top brand names and styles in windows, doors and glass replacements. Our skilled window specialists will help you choose products that work best for your needs and environment. We work with you to bring more beauty to your home or business.

You can count on the quality of our service, we guarantee satisfaction with every job we do. Our contractors are skilled, trained window specialists, and we stand by our work. Our knowledgeable staff will leave your property as clean as we found it and carefully replace windows without unnecessary demolition or damage.


We provide quality window services:

  • Window Replacement
  • New Window Installation
  • Window Pane Replacement
  • Window Repair
  • Custom Windows
  • Choice Of High Quality Frames


We offer the highest quality Window Services in the Cambridge area.


Casement Windows

We have many high quality Casement Window options for you to choose from. We only offer the best in windows for your window installation as we believe that this investment should last for the life of your home. Casement Windows have always been one of the more popular choices for window design and are available in custom and standard sizes.


Double Hung Windows

A homeowners dream, if there ever was one. Double Hung Windows are prized for their ease of use and tilt features, which make cleaning simple and painless. Nothing makes a home look more well kept than clean, shiny windows. Simply unlatch along the window sash, and tilt in or down to wipe the entire surface completely. Offered in many energy efficient varieties, these windows are our most ordered for window replacement, especially in older homes.


Single Hung Windows

Single Hung Windows are considered the standard for windows going back to early construction methods. If your home was built before the 1980?s chances are most of your windows will be Single Hung. Most homeowners choose to replace earlier models with energy efficient Single or Double hung windows. Call today for a FREE estimate.


Bay or Bow Windows

Some of the most beautiful homes in Cambridge have Bay or Bow Windows dating back to the origin of their homes. These windows dramatically increase the value of your home, and any home appraiser will concur that replacing current windows with Bay Windows will greatly increase the appeal and value of your home. Bow windows also have the advantage of adding space to your rooms, opening up walls and letting more light in.


Awning Windows

Often referred to as privacy windows, Awning Windows are a popular choice for bathrooms, kitchens and basements because of their versatility and ease of use. Basement awning windows are often a fantastic option as they allow air in, but keep elements out. Many homes have an awning window or two in the bathrooms, providing privacy while allowing steam and moisture to escape, preventing mold issues. Contact us today to discuss your awning window needs.


Sliding Windows

A growing number of Cambridge homes have sliding windows installed for their convenience and visual appeal. Allowing larger windows to be easily opened and closed on smooth runs is a definite advantage to many homeowners struggling with sticking windows. Double sliders can be installed in most window casings and can easily be dismounted for cleaning and repair. These windows provide ease of care and low maintenance.

Many older homeowners look to add sliding or hinged Patio Doors, adding value and inviting outdoor entertaining throughout the warmer months. Families with children and pets especially enjoy the added benefits of properly installed sliding doors. Looking to replace your current slider? We have hundreds of Patio Doors for you to choose from.


Patio Doors

Special Shape Windows. Because of the age of some of Cambridge?s homes, many have unusual window shape and sizes. We are the expert of glass replacement and special window installation in Cambridge and the greater Boston area. Have our skilled window craftsmen come and give you an evaluation of your current circle, square, rectangle and diamond windows.


Custom Windows

We are the Cambridge?s Custom Window Experts! We will go to extremes to get you the windows you are looking for, installed by experts and built to last for a lifetime. Call today and we will send one of our window experts to provide you with a FREE Quote on your custom window job!



What Our Clients Are Saying

“When we had an emergency window repair in the office, these guys were my pick as they showed first on Google and I wasn’t disappointed. Don’t look beyond them if you want a solid service to be relied upon.”


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