Bay and Bow Windows

So you live in Cambridge, Somerville, Belmont, Lexington or many of the other wonderful cities we service and your home has a Bay or Bow Window; congratulations, you have a home that offers a unique quality that increases the value and appeal of your home!  Did you know something else that will increase the value of your home?  Replacing that old, energy inefficient window with one of our new professionally installed bay or bow windows here at Cambridge Window Replacement!


Do you currently not have a bay or bow window in your home but are wishing to add that feature?  Look no further than Cambridge Window Replacement.  We have installed these beautiful windows all over Massachusetts and promise a satisfaction guarantee that simply won’t be beat by our competitors.


When you add a bay or bow window to your home, one of the best things is that you don’t incur a difficult and possibly costly cleaning or maintenance process.  These are no more difficult to clean than the window you are replacing so there’s nothing but positives to choosing a bay or bow window!


One lesser known but simple benefit of adding a bay or bow window to your home is the added space you give yourself.  Everyone loves the idea of sitting next to a bay or bow window while enjoying a good book in your new reading nook.  Others will enjoy lying next to the window to enjoy the outdoor scenery from inside the comfort of your home and taking a relaxing nap.  Whatever you choose to do with the added space, you’ll love your this new area of your home!


Your new bay or bow window will be the envy of the neighborhood that your friends will want to come see for themselves.  You will enjoy the numerous ways you can add decorations to your new window!


A Bay or Bow Window can be just the right addition to your home for countless reasons.  If you are considering adding one of these gorgeous windows to your home, give Cambridge Window Replacement a call for a FREE estimate!  We’ve been servicing the Cambridge area for many years and we would love to serve you too!