Casement Windows

One of the spectacular choices you have from Cambridge Window Replacement is Casement Windows!  The advantages of choosing Casement Windows reach far and wide, which is why these windows are as popular as they are to homeowners.  Let’s examine the benefits…


Casement windows provide the homeowner with the security that we all want for our homes!  Because of the fact that the locks are installed right into the frame and turning the crank completely seals the window, breaking into these windows is almost impossible for an intruder outside.


One of the absolute best things about casement windows is the ventilation ability is second to none of any other window style out there!  When you open your casement window, you have the option of how far you want it to open.  By opening it just slightly, you will catch a little bit of the breeze and bring it inside.  By opening it fully, you’ll extend the window to a full 90 degrees (more than any other window) and be able to catch the breeze that is flowing down the length of your house.  Neither single nor double hung windows can do that.


On those cold winter Massachusetts nights, you want to be sure that your windows aren’t letting any of the heat out.  That is true not only for the comfort of your home, but also the comfort of your wallet.  Casement windows by Cambridge Windows Replacement promises to be highly energy efficient.  Casement windows lock into place when they are closed with the crank and because of that, the chances of air escaping is kept to an absolute minimum. This will help keep your energy bills down and your family comfy!


There are many reasons why casement windows could be the window choice for you and your family!  With our expertise in replacement and installation, you can be sure that you new casement windows will be everything you had wanted.  Call us today to find out more and have one of our knowledgeable client care specialists provide you with a FREE estimate!