Double Hung Windows

There are a lot of options to choose from here at Cambridge Window Replacement, but let’s take a look at some of the numerous benefits of going with a double hung window for your home or office!


First, these windows are extremely popular because of their sleek and stylish design.  The wide assortment of styles ensures that every potential customer will find one they like!


Additionally, while they have the same classic look as a single hung window, they promise security that the single hung windows can deliver.  With two separate locks, your kids who love to explore and your pets that want to chase down the mail carrier are kept safe inside.


When you want to enjoy the beautiful fall afternoon breeze, double hung windows offer the flexibility of more ventilation.  The option of opening both sashes allows the air to flow inside much more than other window designs.  Those rooms that need the extra fresh air are perfect for this design of window.


When the rain or snow come down and leave your windows needing a good cleaning, you’ll thank yourself for choosing the double hung window style.  Each sash is accessible from the inside to clean with ease therefore avoiding the need for any frustrating and dangerous time on ladders.


From the eye appeal to the safety and security features, it’s not hard to understand that double hung windows are one of the most popular window styles in America!  With our expertise in replacement and installation, you can be sure that your new double hung windows will give you the joy and the peace of mind you desired all along.  If you have decided that our double hung windows is the choice for you or if you have any more questions about double hung windows, give us a call!  Here at Cambridge Window Replacement, we promise your windows will be installed on budget and on time, satisfaction guaranteed!